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With Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, this title acts as a prequel to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, as it follows Xehanort’s time learning the ways of the Keyblade. Here’s how players can level up fast in the game.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is very similar to Kingdom Hearts Union Cross in its presentation and user interface. For players to level up fast, they will need to complete missions and collect Jewels. These Jewels can be used in a variety of ways like investing in stronger cards or by purchasing items. Once the player has 300 Jewels, head over to the Shop icon at the bottom right of the screen. Now, click Items at the top left. Scroll until the player finds an item called a Quest Key. Purchase the Quest Key using your Jewels and return back to the Home menu. On the right side of the screen, click Events and select the banner with “Use Quest Keys to Obtain BP”. Participate in and complete the mission at hand. The player will be rewarded with over 14,000 BP, potentially raising Xehanort’s level once or twice. Keep using Quest Keys to complete this banner and level up faster.

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